Friday, September 12, 2014

Seriously Siri

Project Description: For 30 days, I will ask Siri on my iphone 
“What is the meaning of life?” 

From her response I will create Art around it.
Today she said “I can't answer that right now- But give me some time to write a play in which nothing happens” Siri

I am confused Sir!What does that mean? :)

#30for30equal30 is Art is Moving's sweet way to activate art and creativity in your life as a daily practice. It is a child of our epic one day global Arts Advocacy Day, Art Break Day

What are your ideas for this month long Artathon? 

Mine is kind of fun and quirky. I am by no means a techy, but I just activated Siri on my Iphone.  In my idle time, I like to ask her questions, like "what is the meaning of life?" This my inspiration my 30 day +30 minutes = 30 artworks experiment. Each of the 30 Days I will ask Siri, "what is the meaning of life?" Her answers (which she does answer:) )  will be my jumping off point for my art making.

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