Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Metamorphosis of Painting-A

Of course it always starts with a blank canvas, then a lot automatic painting-reflection- a shower or two. Then I destroy it, then I create, and then destroy. Reflect-react intuitively-This painting is still in the works.  It kind of nags at me to change it all the time.

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I won a Peace Prize for the Hands of Creation!

My work was chosen from 1000's of International Artist's, whose amazing ARTworks had  the breadth of vision and the empowerment of creativity and of PEACE!! for the  Peace Project Exhibition Fundraiser 2011. I  am very honored to be  chosen to be part  of such a new paradigm of creativity and peace. You can acquire a museum quality print of the "Hands of Creation" at The Peace Project and the proceeds will go towards  this amazing project. Funds from the sales of all the artworks will  give much needed support and aid  to the people of the Sierra Leone.

Your piece Hands of Creation won a peace award and was selected as part of the visions of Peace that will travel with The Peace Project Exhibit!   Know that your involvement with this art competition helped thousands of people RISE UP in Sierra Leone.

My Vision of Peace
The Hands of Creation series manifested from my teaching transformative art to vulnerable and emotionally troubled children at a mental health agency in the Bay Area. I was looking for a way to honor the creative powers of my amazing students. Because of privacy issues I was not allowed to photograph their faces. So I decided to take pictures of their creative tools —- their hands. Through the Hands of Creation project, I seek to honor that state of the soul where the artist/child experiences the ultimate liberation, which is the act of creation itself. It is my way of honoring the children’s essence and creativity, and counteracting apathy. My portraits are the revelation of the “other” to many viewers who know little about the struggles these children face. They bring to light the horrific plague of abuse that exists in our society. Through my practice and my teaching, I attempt to heal the wounded soul and to empower these magnificent and marginalized children~ lisa

Join me at one of the openings!

Exhibition Schedule:

Los Angeles
October 22nd
Gallery 9
Long Beach
November 4th
EXPO Arts Center
Bay Area
November 9th
Swarm Gallery
Oakland, CA

New York
Exact date and venue TBA

Orange County, CA
January 7th
Showcase Gallery
Santa Ana, CA

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Take 5: ARTbreak Day 2011


ARTbreak 2011 San Francisco Site 
Just the Beginning of the photos!!!
What an amazing day!!
Take 5: ARTbreak Day 2011 was a stellar success!!
Five San Francisco Bay Area communities and 1000's of individuals from all walks of life and continents were on fire with the creative process at our first annual Take 5: ARTbreak Day.  We are happy to report that the event received rave reviews! The vast majority of participants who left AIM's free art making sites were filled with joy and pure gratitude for having such an amazing opportunity to create, connect, and be inspired by their own imagination and the fellowship of humanity.
Below are four wonderful articles written about Take 5: ARTbreak Day 2011

If you were at ARTbreak Day let us know your story! Thank you for ARTbreaking and a huge Kudos's goes out to all our ARTreach Ambassadors, Volunteers, Sponsors, and Community Partners!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Artist, Dreamer=Heartbreak

Being an artist is really a tough job. It takes lots of idealism, resilience, and persistence. Today I got punched in the stomach by failure. I want an easier life. Why is there always so much struggle? Maybe if money was not involved it would be so much easier. 

For me being an artist swings from the pendulum of hope and ecstasy(creating,experiencing and reflecting) to heartbreak and despair (the drudgery of the art world and trying to make a living off my art). 
 "I pray to be like the ocean, with soft currents, maybe waves at times. More and more, I want the consistency rather than the highs and the lows." thanks Drew Barrymore that sums it up nicely.