Monday, October 25, 2010

Collecting Random Interactions: Santa Monica Stranger

Today, this big SUV had taken up two parking spaces at the Pavilion market in Santa Monica. While parking next to the monster I consciously decided to pull back in the parking spot for a better fit. As I was doing this "SLAM" another giant, huge black SUV a Cadillac Escalade smashed into my bumper. Instinctively, I ran out and said "Are you OK?" and then a blonde hollywoodish woman ran out from the car and said "Are you OK?"I said "yeah" She said "me to" She said "are you sure, your OK?"I said, "Yeah'And she grabbed my arm in a kidding way and said "I know I have it sign posts with this thing." as she pointed to her car.
Funny!!! my adventures in Santa Monica continue...

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Discovery SoCal's ART

I am hoping to launch my art career down in SoCal ASAP. I have been doing some research about which galleries to apply to. Today I went to the Bergamot Station., which is an interesting space with over fifty galleries.

Also at the Bergamot Station there is the Santa Monica Musuem of Art or SMMOA. There exhibit was phenomenal it was called Combustine: Alberto Burri and America. The Italian artist Alberto Burri (1915–1995) was at the forefront of postwar avant-gardism. His work and level of automatic experimentation was inspiring. He used common materials like garbage bags, dirt, cloth, and plastic wrap. In some of the work he actually burned it with a torch. The texture and energy of this work was truly transformational. Check out this deep and delightful exhibtion if you are in town.

LA's ARTwalk???
OK I am new to the area did I miss something??

Last Thursday night I ventured out into LA's Art walk. I do realize that it was cancelled and then resurrected for this second Thursday of the month.

I had high expectations for this ART walk as I had read a couple great articles about this event. My boyfriend said it was art for the masses. There was masses of people on the streets-bands and DJ;s were everywhere. It was quite a scene. Kind of like a neighborhood festival, not an ART walk. I do have to say that the court of Food Trucks was amazing! But the galleries I saw were just pop up galleries with a low level of professionalism. T-shirt sales seemed like a common fare. I thought to my self where is the ART??
I hope to discover it next month.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Collecting Random Interactions: Santa Monica Stranger

hhot personal trainer on the bluffs ...said:" great to see you again."
Passed the personal trainer again today. He with a big smile waved at me.
I went to the Bergamot Station in Santa Monica an art gallery hub. This very red faced in English man smoking a cigarette said to me, "You are walking very slow today." I said, "yeah I am taking it all in."
Smiling woman, "Good Morning! do you know what building that use to be." ruins above Highway 1. Me "No, but it is interesting."

10/19/10 On walk run a very handsome personal trainer on the bluffs today,said "good morning how far to you walk. I said, "I do not know, I do'nt measure."

Monday, October 18, 2010

Collecting Random Interactions: Santa Monica Stranger

I just moved to Santa Monica and I am planning on continuing my series "click here" collecting random interactions. I had a lovely walk run in the rain today.
Four people spoke to me all men:)
  • "Hello" young man collecting trash for the city
  • Man riding a bike "I love this weather." I said "Me to." He said "Where are going."
  • "Hello" man walking down the California stairs.
  • As I was doing push ups on the fence, old man with an umbrella said, "you better not push that over. I said, "I will."