Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Words for the Amazing Artists I Teach!

Today we had are art reception for my ART students. Everyone was really shy about the recognition. Except a few! What does art mean to you? Jose the creator of Hope the picture above was eloquent about his vision of becoming a professional artist.


This is a happy art day.

I want you to realize how amazing this is….and how

PRICELESS THIS EXPERIENCE IS! We are acknowledging and recognizing you! your creativity and imagination!

“Imagination is more important than knowledge-“- Einstein


· That your art is powerful and moving

· That your imagination and creativity is priceless


· Your personal story has been told through your art


· with countless amounts of people who saw your ART in public

· They were very moved by your individual work

· The people that collected/bought your work were so touched that they had brought it to be in their lives


· There is over 75 million children in the USA and

there is no other school in the United States that has a program like this! Where they actually sell you work

· Very few talented artists in this world ever sell their work

· One of the most successful artists/famous Vangogh never sold a painting while he was alive. His latest work sold auction for 82 MILLION

· Your are all super successful

Congratulations!!! On your PRICELESS SUCCESS!!!

Through your ART!

Every child is an artist. The problem is to remain an artist once he grows up.’ Pablo Picasso.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Lastest Tree Shrine and a Reflection

I think all artists are obsessed with placement. Creativity is about placement. Meaning placement of intentions and objects to create a new. Every brush stroke that a painter paints is about placement. And this can be totally impulsive, intuitive, unconscious or thought out. Our obsession with placement brings about a vibrational quality within our work. I think as artist we also validate and embrace successful placement. As I write this I am on my hammock in my garden. I am surrounded by the glory of nature. What captures my attention is the marvel of the small spider and its perfection of placement.

The decayed sculpture is what is left from my undergraduate final which was in 2003.
I love how it has weathered. Today I created a natural tree shrine. I was driven to circle the trunk of the tree with flowers. When I completed I found this antler and thought it looked amazing next to my decaying sculpture.

It is all about placement!