Friday, April 29, 2011

MOCA: Art in the Streets

On April 23, 2011 I went to go see the exhibition at MOCA: Art in the Streets in Little Tokyo in Los Angeles. I was really excited to see the exhibition. It had been getting a lot of press from The New York Times and the Huffington Post. It seemed it brewed up the age old controversy and debate of folks perceptions on what is ART and what is not ART.
As we approached MOCA the lines of people waiting to get in was off the hook. We decided to go to lunch and check out the other ART that was being created on the streets. Here is what we saw outside the doors of the museum.

The coolest thing was Little Tokyo was a mad house of people. The Sushi houses and stores were filled to the brim with folks either waiting to see the exhibition or who had just finished. Studies have shown that at art events individual people spend around $27 each. And who said Arts bring nothing to our economy? I think that was the Republicans.

JR'S eyes. I thought graphiti artists did not tag over others art? Maybe it was collaboration.

JR's great talk on Ted, I was happy to see an artist win this award.

I felt this key was placed there on purpose. What does it mean? Art?

Space Invader...

A man checking out the art.

Next I will go into the exhibition inside closed doors of museum.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Take 5: Art Break Day 2011

Here is our Take 5 ARTbreak Day video debut!

This is an amazing community ARTreach event for all. Please support this ART happening by donating, reposting our video, volunteering, and of course attending the event!
I read today in the Huffington Post, the article 6 Techniques to Ignite Your Inner Creativity and Passion. The author says "Dabbling In The Arts: Our culture's overemphasis on fame and great success often turn"s people away from their creative inclinations, because they feel that if they can't reach a professional goal with their writing, singing or painting endeavors, they shouldn't bother. What they don't realize is that simply dabbling in the fine arts, with no specific goals or intentions, awakens our ability to approach life with greater openness and curiosity. In the same way that mindfulness practice jogs the areas of the brain associated with well-being, optimism and compassion for yourself and others, so, too, does immersing yourself in any artistic exploration or enjoyment jog your creativity."

As I have said in the past at the ARTcart, taking an ARTbreak for free in public space is a form of art therapy on the streets!! Take 5 ARTbreak Day is community ARTreach and healing! Love to see everyone support this awesome happening!!

Aside: My inner dwarf is cringing and having blast at knit picking at how I look in this video. I kind of look like a muppet. But, I know this project is so much larger than myself and my fragile little ego needs to be put aside. I need to promote and promote this until this event is a grand success for all of our communities. It is not about me, but is about the people and the community.
Lauren and I at Art is Moving have a grand vision of making this a global holiday.
It will be done and it already is!!

Friday, April 22, 2011

philosophical discussion about napkins

philosophical discussion about napkins.
What does the way a person handles a napkin tell about that person? I am so curious, I feel it could this be another form of self-analysis. Check out these two napkins. Which is the lawyer's and which it the artist's? Ha! I would say mine is a sculpture. I want to start collecting people taking pictures of their used napkins. Send me your images!

Happy Earth Day

Ground into the Earth and reach for the Sky, becoming the Axis Mundi you already are. Reverence for all life today. And send healing prayers to Mama Earth!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Practice Random Acts of ART!

"Practice Random Acts of Art"
Lauren Odell Usher and I met at JFK graduate school in Berkeley, while obtaining our Master in Fine Arts from their Arts and Consciousness Program. After several beers and several crazy conversations about ART. We soon found out that we shared the same belief that Art has an intrinsic ability to empower individuals and at its essence it can transform the larger world we live in. From our energetic discourse, we both agreed that a collaboration was in order. And so,Art is Moving was born in January 2008. Over the past three years we have created some amazing things together.

We have had a gallery with twelve other artists in Oakland, we curated exhibitions, worked with an artist on Death Row, facilitated free art making with thousands of individuals at the ARTcart on the streets of San Francisco, we have facilitated global virtual interviews with hundreds of artists from around the world, we have been written about in the media and have been interviewed on the radio. Our latest ARTreach campaign is Take 5: ARTbreak Day 2011, which is Bay Area art intervention.

On Art Break Day, folks will literally be taking an art break; taking a breather from the ordinary course of their day to MAKE ART FOR FREE! The first official Take 5: ARTbreak Day will be on September 2nd, 2011. This community ARTreach event will take course during the work day, in the cities of San Francisco, San Rafael, Richmond, Berkeley, and Oakland. In the “heart” of each city a canopy with the words “Take an Art Break” will house tables, filled to the brim with an array of art supplies! Passersby will be greeted and invited to have a seat and to take an art break. Are larger vision is to eventually make ARTbreak
Day a global holiday.

Please support Take Five: ARTbreak: Donate, time. money, art @

Back to the nitty gritty of AIM's collaboration. Every Monday Lauren and I meet for Art is Moving.(since my relocation to SoCAL, we now meet on Scipe) During these meetings we talk about projects, we rant about the zeitgeist, and of course we talk about ART. In one of our meetings, we came up with the slogan, "Practice Random Acts of ART." At that moment. I declared that would be my t-shirt or my bumper sticker. Hence the Lisa was born.

In Lauren's personal ART form, she ventures in many directions. One is the cool concept that everything can be reused. The name of this project is Up Cycled Unlimited, were you acquire your own, "Practice Random Acts of ART!" for only 25 bucks. Lauren also has created several other t-shirt mantras for many of her friends and family.
The manifesto of Up Cycled Unlimited, is"I believe all materials have more than one life and I am determined to prove it with my products. At you will find playing cards that have been turned into earrings, old thrift store t-shirts with new original screenprints, old silk ties reused as a handle for a purse, and much more." Also, you can check out Lauren's whole repertoire as an Artist @ Lauren

I will end with Practice Random Acts of ART! you all!!! Everyone is an Artist, what is your form? I really believe that the world will become a better place, if we all start creating, expressing, and not destroying.
-Namaste, lisa

What would your t-shirt logo be?