Tuesday, December 18, 2018

The Art of Transformation #4 in Honor of Jodie Matheson

In 2006 through my friend Gail Weissman I approached Studio 333 to have a fundraiser/exhibition with the artist/children that I teach at mental health agency called Lincoln Child Center in Oakland. We decided to expand the Art of Transformation to a group of like institutions in the Bay Area. My intention for this show was really to honor the children, their beauty, and their creative process.TO REALLY UNDERLINE THE POWER OF ART IN ALL OUR LIVES!! We are on our fourth year. And one of our collaborators has passed away. Jodie Matheson died way to early and way to quick. She requested at her memorial that people donate their monies to the Art of Transformation instead of flowers. I feel that Jodie really got what the Art of Transformation was about!! She in her last hour really understood the validation of this project!!! for the artists in it.
The artists/children that our part of the show are marginalized, traumatized,abused, and dis empowered by the systems that have been set in place by society.