Saturday, March 20, 2010

Entry 3# Random Relationships!

Part of my collecting series.

"When you get old you cannot become a sissy."

Sweet elder
Walkshop Berkeley, 3/20/10

The pictures are of Dusty Dog. My landlords elderly dog (I think she was over 14 years old when I met her) she hung out with me every day and night until she passed on. We were definitely mates. Our relationship latest from 2003-2009. Miss her! I have always had such strong relationships with non humans. Above the quote is from a lady, who has frequented the Walkshop were I shelp shoes. She is so sweet and for me her energy has brought up the nostalgia of my relationship with Dusty. Tears have become to flow as I reflect on Dusty. The troubling part was as Dusty aged she was becoming paralyzed and I would find her in this decayed state in the garden and many times I would craddle her and bring her up to my landlords place. Decay is sad thing....

Growing old is not for sissy's! It really takes a great deal of courage and acceptance.

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