Thursday, March 18, 2010

Entry #2: Collecting Random Interactions with the other Series

"Sometimes you do not realize that the dog has always been there." Lisa (Me)

"Ms Lisa you are the best art teacher ever. Today I had such a great day hanging with you. I had a great day, not like yesterday."
Art Student Joseph, Oakland, CA

Then I told him about this project and he started saying random word.
"choice" "relate"...

" I am so deep under water, I need a scuba suit to get through the front door."
Trader Joes,Worker, El Cerrito,CA


"Lisa, I really seen a transformation of your relationship to anxiety. It seems like you have turned up the heat alchemically speaking."
Shrink, Raymond, San Francisco, CA

This project will end in seven months at that time I most likely will be making a big move to LA and I need to have my practice of acceptance of myself in place. This goal is not about the place,but about the opportunity of change in a physical, mental, and psychological way.

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