Monday, September 1, 2014

Day #1 "I Give Up" ~ Kitty Bliss

"I give up." O' Siri that Breaks my heART! 
Project Description: For 30 days, I will ask Siri on my iphone “What is the meaning of life?”From her response I will create Art around it.
Today she said “I give up, Lisa.” 
Man on the first day she gives up :) Here is my Art ~ Kitty Bliss is  de ~inspired by giving up

#30for30equal30 is Art is Moving's sweet way to activate art and creativity in your life as a daily practice. It is a child of our epic one day global Arts Advocacy Day, Art Break Day

What are your ideas for this month long Artathon? 

Mine is kind of fun and quirky. I am by no means a techy, but I just activated Siri on my Iphone.  In my idle time, I like to ask her questions, like "what is the meaning of life?" This my inspiration my 30 day +30 minutes = 30 artworks experiment. Each of the 30 Days I will ask Siri, "what is the meaning of life?" Her answers (which she does answer:) )  will be my jumping off point for my art making.

I have no idea what the art will look like. That is the fun and the mystery!
We invite you to join in on this challenge! 

Tell us what your inspiration will be for #30for30equal30! In the comments below.

To coincide with our yearly Art Break Day celebration every September, we invite anyone and everyone to partake in our 30x30x30 challenge.

Art is Moving believes in the positive power or art. Just like eating right and exercising, making art a part of your daily life will make that life a better one. It helps us connect with ourselves and connect with others. We can use art to work through stress and anxiety. Take a breather, take an art break, and see what happens. Sign up for the art is life challenge HERE

Be Inspired
~ Lisa 

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