Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The relationship with the interior and the exterior

I feel that when I brought the tree mandala into the gallery I was creating a relationship to the interior and the exterior. This body of work is all about relationship, a rekindling of our holistic being. When I think of the trees that I honor in nature, I also reflect on their inner rings that document their life. In this work I am honoring life, history and story. As I digest this work I think it it about relationship, reclamation of the interior i.e. spirit or consciousness. I hope it communicates my world view of animism and in this we are all woven into the same tapestry. I think the Hindi' s call it Indra's web. I feel the more tree shrines that I create in the exterior and the interior, the web will grow again strong. We will hopefully remember our interconnectedness.

I am such a pragmatic mystic.

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