Monday, August 18, 2008

More on the Cease and Desist encounter

As I was destroying the shrine I become really depressed and at the time I was scared that the Ranger would charge me with a felony. The crows above in the branches seem to be chattering loudly with laughter. After fifteen minutes the Ranger came back in a better mood and said the good thing is you are not wanted for homicide. It looks like you all cleaned this up, I'll let you off. Phew... that was a sketchy encounter.
I left the giant feeling distraught on how was I to create my tree shrines around the world if I would be getting in trouble all the time. Don and I walked back to the campsite, that had a beautiful view of the tree and the ocean. I took a seed from the tree and I decided to create my shrine in our campsite. As it got dark I created the shrine around our lantern.

Point Reyes is such an amazing place. We stayed there for three days. The first day was hilarous as we brought out supplies out the Coast Camp, which was a hike two miles in. Don was freaking out as he had to carry all the wine and food. But the trek and pain were worth it. The ocean is just 200 feet away on this beautiful coastal beach. I love hearing the ocean as I sleep.l
Over all it was a fun adventure. Except I need to rethink my tree shrines, having to work with in the system or doing guerrilla work and being careful not to get caught....
Need to reflect on it all

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