Sunday, September 1, 2013

Day 1/30 Art is Moving 30-30-30 for the Month of September

Day 1/30 
I am so excited to participate in Art is Movings 

30 minutes for 30 days equals 30 artworks

All the artwork you see here is created during the month of September by people around the world who take a 30 minute art break each day in September to create a work of art. They share that artwork her

  • Inspiration randomly pick a card form the Thoth Tarot card deck by Aleister Crowley.  
  • Do Art around it and reflect
  • For the beginning of this project I picked the 3 of wands. 

My 3 of Wands

Three of Wands - Virtue

Binah in the Tree of LifeTree of Life: Binah though Fire
Astrology: Sun in the 2. decan of Aries

The Three's are connected to Binah - the understanding. The untouched energies of the Two's have met the 3, the number of synthesis and harmony. They're no longer solitudes, they face up their meanings and surroundings. The Three of Wands is called 'Virtue' - the powerful fire understands its responsibilty.

The Three of Wands shows the powers of the element guided by understanding and awareness, the perfect precondition to begin a work or a project, to go ahead with a plan.

Drive: Creativity, the will to begin, striving towards a goal

Light: Accomplishment, confidence, harmony of powers, pride, nobility

Shadow: Moodiness, overestimation of one's self, conceit, rudeness, insolence, obstinacy, treacherypride, nobility-Click Here to find the source of this info.

I will try to reflect on this tomorrow. 
Challenges: As someone in my close circle just said this project is waste of time. 
OK, this is an interesting thing to think about. 

Day 1 has brought up some resistance from the outside with the 3 of wands as inspiration, both the light and shadow where so here. 

Onward-we will see what happens tomorrow. 

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