Monday, December 19, 2011

Art Tip Networking for Artists and Social Phobs

To be an agent of change, to follow your dreams and your creative endeavors, (I personally always need to remind myself of this one) you must become a pragmatic visionary.  What does that mean? Well, as an artist and creative how do you find the support you need--the collector, the art dealer, the gallery, the funder etc?  One essential ingredient to your success is to develop a practical business strategy that is symbiotic with your vision (i.e. become a pragmatic visionary). An important aspect of your art business is the networking and self promotion plan. This is a weakness of mine since I am social phob and an artist. 

Connecting with the right people to support our art career is essential. 

I feel so uncomfortable talking about my work to strangers, I wish it would magically just speak for itself and I could be swept up by an art dealer like Picasso’s -- Ambroise Vollard. There is a good chance that this just ain’t gonna happen.
You must learn to talk with confidence about your work as well as your goals to the world. One simple and effective way is the creation of your own elevator speech.  I know this is difficult since you have to put yourself out there and “work the room” as they say.  It takes a lot of courage, persistence and resistance; but as an artist you cannot be an island, you must start connecting with the world to find the support you need to aid you in the manifestation of your dream.

What is an elevator speech?
It is 30-60 second speech that talks about your work and why it is important.
How do you craft an elevator speech? 
  • Reflect on "What are your goals with your art and art career?" 
    My answer: Get Museums, sell your work, change the world or all the above.
  • Think about, "How is your art different, new, and unique? Why is your art important?"
  • Create a short 30 second speech that is a description of yourself, your art or your project. Include your goals and a short vignette, the positive benefits others have gained from your work.
  • Practice with friends
  • Communicate with pride and enthusiasm
Good Luck All!! Also never forget your business cards and always be prepared to meet your own version of Ambroise Vollard.  You really never know who will be in the next elevator with you!!

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