Friday, November 5, 2010

Santa Monica! Art is Life!

It is crazy I have been here over a month and things are really brewing. I really miss the Bay Area, but Santa Monica is sooo beautiful. Mama Ocean really is keeping me happy, as well as the mountains~ Apu's thet call them in Peru. The LA art scene is vast, but elusive.
Next Thursday I will be exhibiting at the LA downtown ART WALK. I will be debuting Kitty Bliss to SoCal. I will let you know how that goes. And exhibiting my abstract work. My goal is to make at least $700 and it will happen.

Thinking about Kitty Bliss he is my inner child and my higher self! and that feels amazing and important to create from him. Healing will transpire!!
And on the 16th I will be joining a free art advocacy work shop in downtown LA. I am sure I will make some amazing connections there for the ARTcart and my own personal transformative art teaching.

My goal is to post every day. The interesting thing is the first image is of last Sunday when Don and I were going to AGAPE. He had to evade cause the office called.

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