Monday, October 25, 2010

Collecting Random Interactions: Santa Monica Stranger

Today, this big SUV had taken up two parking spaces at the Pavilion market in Santa Monica. While parking next to the monster I consciously decided to pull back in the parking spot for a better fit. As I was doing this "SLAM" another giant, huge black SUV a Cadillac Escalade smashed into my bumper. Instinctively, I ran out and said "Are you OK?" and then a blonde hollywoodish woman ran out from the car and said "Are you OK?"I said "yeah" She said "me to" She said "are you sure, your OK?"I said, "Yeah'And she grabbed my arm in a kidding way and said "I know I have it sign posts with this thing." as she pointed to her car.
Funny!!! my adventures in Santa Monica continue...

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