Sunday, August 29, 2010

Next Alchemy Art Experiment

My next Alchemy Art Experiment is Dissolution or Releasing the Power of Emotions
Dissolution is the process of dissolving in water the ashes left over from calcination. While calcination works on mind and ego to destroy illusions, dissolution works on the heart to release buried and repressed emotions. This surfacing of buried material allows new power to be accessed by the individual.

The process for this painting was I first mono printed my last Alchemy art experiment Calcination on the canvas. Because this experiment is all about dissolving or Dissolution I placed the canvas under my sprinkler in the garden for hours.After sometime I started painting on the canvas in an automatic abstract way. I left in dry in the garden overnight to the full moon

This art experiment has my dreams on fire....again all stream consciousness. Here a couple fragmented drea

Strange yellow eyes coming towards me--bug eyes. I was like what the hell is it. Perceptions could not id with this imagery. Such an unknown it was a half bug half man.

Dream my Mom (she passed away 14 years ago) was driving our car. It seemed like we were flying off into the water. Then we were going up a hill that was flooded. Then small room and a man in a wheel chair with blood coming from the back of his head. I turned him around and he had a huge deep gash on the side of his neck.

Dream of a monk who might have been the Beatles George Harrison. He told me that if I quiet myself the Dakini's are always there for me, protect me and wan
t me to give me want I need.
The amazing thing about this dream is the Dakinis are spiritual beings that eat our negative poisons.

Loving this process.... Love the holistic engagement. I am learning a lot and transforming. Onward to Separation my next art experiment.

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