Monday, July 14, 2008

Lands end Park, San Francisco 07

This tree shrine was created in San Francisco on the cliffs above the Pacific Ocean. My intention was to do a lunar shrine around a tree, when I use to live in this area I would meditate at, that looked like a lynx. Unfortunately, when I got there, it had been cut down. I had to find another tree. The tree that I choose was on the edge of a cliff. So I had to be careful.
Once again, I took organic pigments and created a series of half circles around the base of the coastal redwood. For me this last ritual was the most powerful. Creating with the melody of the ocean and the wind filled my being with light. I sat with the tree for hours, and as I documented my earth art I felt very content and present.
When I look at this artwork (all of my tree shrines) as a whole, I think about the space that is connecting these trees. That space is vastly filled with water. When I place the location of my earthworks on a map, the points create a rectangle. The solar and lunar shrines merge through the waters of the Bay. The lunar shrines merge through the ocean and the solar shrines merge through the earth. My hope is to build a relationship with these individual trees, as well as create a collective relationship among them. Just like humans, trees are community beings. My network has expanded as I have crossed coasts and countries, my web of relationships is growing stronger.

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